Supplies are Limited!!  These Yummi-Land party supplies have been discontinued and are extremely difficult to locate.  Once these are gone we do not expect to get more.  If you don't see what you want here be sure to check out our many other lines of party supplies ranging from the brand new patterns to the vintage and hard to find.You will never see so many different patterns in one place!!

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Yummi-Land Large Paper Plates (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Large Paper Plates (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Small Paper Plates (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Small Paper Plates (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Lunch Napkins (16ct) label
Yummi-Land Large Napkins (16ct) ..
Yummi-Land Small Napkins(16ct) label
Yummi-Land Small Napkins(16ct) ..
Yummi-Land 9oz Paper Cups (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Paper Cups (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Plastic Table Cover (1ct) label
Yummi-Land Plastic Table Cover (1ct) ..
Yummi-Land Favor Bags (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Favor Bags (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Invitations w/ Env. (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Invitations w/ Env. (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Blowouts / Favors (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Blowouts / Favors (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Cone Hats (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Cone Hats (8ct) ..
Yummi-Land Latex Balloons (8ct) label
Yummi-Land Latex Balloons (8ct) ..