Jurassic Park

There’s no ‘magic word’ required! The life of your party will find a way with our rare collection of party supplies! Mix and match party supplies from our vintage patterns, and your celebration will definitely be one to remember! No need to dig- you can find all the plates, napkins, and cups you need right here! You can even mix and match with our solid color party supplies to really tie your theme together! Make sure you pick up some blowouts, cone hats, and centerpieces to show your guests you’ve got this party under control! Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park Party Ideas

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Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Large Paper Plates (8ct) label
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Large Paper Plates (8ct) ..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Small Paper Plates (8ct) label
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Small Paper Plates (8ct) ..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' 9oz Paper Cups (8ct) label
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Paper Cups (8ct) ..
Jurassic Park III 9oz Paper Cups (8ct)
Jurassic Park III Paper Cups (8ct) ..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Paper Table Cover (1ct)
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Paper Tablecover (1ct) ..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Favor Pack (48pc)
Includes (8) bookmarks, (8) stickers, (8) kazoos, (8) compass rings, (8) mini tops, and (8) maze puz..
Jurassic World 'Fallen Kingdom' Favor Pack (48pc)
Includes (8) stickers, (8) tattoos, (8) activity sheets, (8) slap bracelets, (8) masks, and (8) disc..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Invitations w/ Envelopes (8ct, Opened Package) label
Includes (8) invitations and (8) envelopes in an OPENED package. Because of the age of this product,..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Invitation Set w/ Envelopes (8ct)
Includes (8) invitations, (8) envelopes, (8) seals, and (8) save the date stickers. ..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Thank You Note Set w/ Envelopes (8ct)
Includes (8) thank you notes, (8) envelopes, and (8) seals. ..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Blowouts (8ct) label
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Blowouts / Favors (8ct) ..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Cone Hats (8ct) label
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Cone Hats (8ct) ..
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Centerpiece (1ct) label
Jurassic Park 'Lost World' Centerpiece (1ct) ..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Hanging Swirl Decorations (12pc)
Includes (6) plain foil swirls, (3) swirls with 5 inch cutouts, and (3) swirls with 7 inch cutouts. ..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Honeycomb Decorations (3ct)
Includes (3) 7.2 inch honeycomb decorations, in 3 different designs. ..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Jumbo Letter Banner Kit (1ct)
Includes (1) 10.5 foot banner with 10 inch tall letters, (24) attachable pieces including 2 each 0-9..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Party Game Poster (1ct)
Includes (1) 37.5 x 24.5 inch party game poster, (8) game piece stickers, and (1) paper blindfold. ..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Table Decorating Kit (23pc)
Includes (1) 12.75 inch paper centerpiece, (2) 7 inch paper centerpiece and (20) 2 inch confetti pie..
Jurassic World 'Dino Hybrid' Wall Poster Decorating Kit w/ Photo Props (17pc)
Includes (2) 32.5 x 59 inch pieces, (1) 44 x 16 inch piece, (2) 10 x 16 inch pieces, and (12) assort..
Jurassic World 'Fallen Kingdom' Pull String Pinata (1ct) label
This pinata measures approximately 19 x 20 inches. To use, fill the pinata with small toys and candy..
Jurassic World 'Fallen Kingdom' Room Decorating Kit (7pc)
Includes (2) 6 inch honeycomb decorations, (4) hanging swirl decorations, and (1) 8 foot flag banner..
Jurassic World LED Light-Up Decoration (1ct)
Features multiple color-flashing modes. Batteries included.  ..