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Pink Plastic Dome 16oz Cup Lids w/ Straws (4ct ea.)
Includes (4) pink plastic dome lids and (4) white straws. These cups are for use with 16 ounce plast..
Trolls 'Star' Plastic Tablecover (1ct)
Picture shows the table cover as it appears when it is FOLDED in the packaging. The pattern shown is..
Trolls 'Star' Favor Pack Mega Mix (48pc)
Includes (8) novelty glasses, (8) maze puzzles, (8) bubbles, (8) spin tops, (8) sticker sheets,..
Trolls 'World Tour' Favor Pack (48pc)
Includes (8) flower rings, (8) charm bracelets, (8) horns,  (8) mini sketch pads, (8)..
Trolls Favor Pack (48pc)
Includes (8) flower rings, (8) charm bracelets, (8) horns, (8) mini sketch pads, (8) tracer rulers, ..
Trolls Invitation Set w/ Envelopes (8ct)
Includes (8) invitations, (8) envelopes, (8) sticker seals, and (8) save the date stickers. ..
Trolls Thank You Note Set w/ Envelopes (8ct) label
Includes (8) thank you postcards, (8) envelopes, and (8) seals. ..
Trolls Deluxe Poppy Hat (1ct)
Includes (1) deluxe Poppy hat. Back of hat features a velcro closure, which allows for the hat to be..
Trolls 'Star' Foil Hanging Swirl Decorations (12pcs)
Includes (6) swirl decorations, (3) swirl decorations with 7 inch cutouts, and (3) swirl decorations..
Trolls 'Star' Table Decorating Kit (23pc)
Includes (1) 12.6 inch centerpiece, (2) 7 inch centerpieces, and (20) 1.75 inch confetti p..
Trolls 'World Tour 2020' Jumbo Letter Banner and Mini Banner (1ct)
Includes 1 customizable letter banner (10 ft long with 9.25 inch tall letters), 24 attachable pieces..
Trolls 'World Tour' Deluxe Backdrop Decorating Kit (9pc)
Includes (1) foil and plastic backdrop measuring 58.5 x 60 inches and (8) paper cutouts in varying s..
Trolls 'World Tour' Giant Paper Confetti Circles (48ct)
Includes (48) 2 to 3 inch paper confetti circles ..
Trolls 'World Tour' Table Decorating Kit (12pc)
Includes (1) 14 inch backgorund centerpiece and (11) centerpieces varying in size from 4.5 to 8.8 in..
Trolls 3D Pull-String Pinata (1ct)
To use, have each guest grab one of the ribbons hanging from the bottom and pull. Only one ribbon wi..