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If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! But if you want to throw the best party in the neighborhood, you’ll need our help! Don’t worry; we’ve got invites, napkins, cups, blowouts, and cone hats for all your party guests! These extremely rare supplies feature the Ghostbusters as well as their enemies- blobby green ghosts and the Staypuff Marshmallow Man! With the bright red and blue, it’s easy to mix and match with our Solid Color Party Supplies!

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Ghostbusters Large Paper Plates (8ct)
Ghostbusters Large Paper Plates (8ct) ..

Sorry! Unlikely to be Restocked

Museum Item Only!!
Ghostbusters Lunch Napkins (16ct)
Ghostbusters Large Napkins (16ct) ..

Ghostbusters Lunch Napkins (32ct)
Ghostbusters Large Napkins (32ct) ..

Ghostbusters Small Napkins (16ct)
Ghostbusters Small Napkins (16ct) ..

Ghostbusters 7oz Paper Cups (8ct)*
Ghostbusters 7oz Paper Cups (8ct) ..
$13.99 $10.89
Quantity Left: 10
Ghostbusters Paper Table Cover (1ct)
Ghostbusters Paper Tablecover (1ct) ..

Ghostbusters Invitations w/ Env. (8ct)*
Ghostbusters Invitations w/ Env. (8ct) ..
$10.99 $7.99
Quantity Left: 10
Ghostbusters Blowouts / Favors (6ct)*
Ghostbusters Blowouts / Favors (6ct) ..
$15.99 $9.99
Quantity Left: 10
Ghostbusters Cone Hats (6ct)*
Ghostbusters Cone Hats (6ct) ..
$15.99 $9.99
Quantity Left: 10
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